Accurate and on-time commission payouts, without the hassle

Setting up a commission plan is one thing, running it successfully is quite another. Elevate takes that weight off your shoulders

Teams and plans change,
earnings stay accurate

Manage everything from user onboarding to payouts - seamlessly.

Fool-Proof Workflows

Setup audit trails, approval flows, override rules, and host of other access controls to ensure that everything happens by the book.

Manage teams & territories

Add or remove team members, change teams, roll-up structures, or assign new territories - all without breaking the accuracy of earnings calculation.

Automate reconciliations for on-time payouts

Nobody likes to wait for their commissions. Elevate ensures that your team’s payouts stay on-time by automating your most time-consuming task - reconciliation.

Map deals and sync real-time

Elevate’s smart variables sync with your system in real-time to ensure that the latest and the last minute changes are accounted for in calculations.

Reconcile with collections

Elevate can keep your payout calculations in tandem with actual collections made on the accounts as and when applicable.

Manage deviations
without deviating from management

Even with the most perfect of plans, there is always something that needs deviation from the norm - your spreadsheet wouldn’t understand this; Elevate does -


Accounting for retrospective changes in incentive plans often breaks down your Excel.Not with Elevate.

Manual overrides

To err is to human, and we accounted for it - easily make (and track) manual overrides on commission data to account for the ‘unforeseen’.

Deal share

Deal sharing can be emotionally complex between reps; the process doesn’t have to be. Split deal earnouts in any manner with or without splitting quota retiral

Disputes won't make it to your inbox

With Elevate’s transparent dashboards - you’d rarely see your reps question or dispute their earnings. On those rare occasions when they do, Elevate has in-built workflows to address these seamlessely.

Dispute workflow

Reps have the option to raise a dispute on the exact deal or plan component they see an issue with. Admins can access these issues in one place, along with the relevant data. Speedy justice, guaranteed.

Transparent Audit log

Elevate maintains a log of each and every step - Input, calculations, and payouts. A single source of truth that you and your reps can refer to.

Elevate has in-built workflows to raise a dispute, refer to relevant data, and to act for a resolution

“We have teams spanning multiple countries & currencies. Calculating their commissions correctly was a monthly nightmare. Elevate automated everything up for us in under 3 weeks. Their speed of execution is just wow!”

CRO @Edgepetrol

“With Elevate, there's a real buzz about the incentive plans & spiffs. Our reps loves seeing the incentives adding up in real time, and seeing how they can make more money each month”

Sales Head @Slintel

“We knew we had a problem at hand when our commission payouts started getting delayed by months... Elevate has brought predictability to the whole process”

Sales Ops @Airmeet

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Tired of running your commissions on spreadsheets? Afraid of switching because it may be too costly, or time consuming? Well, allow us to take care of all that, and more.