Why Choose Elevate?


Easy to Setup

With one-click integrations with CRM tools, you start using Dashboard within a few minutes without any assistance.


Saves Time

No more struggle with excel sheet formulae or setting up lengthy meetings to calculate & cross-check commissions.


Eliminates Errors

Commission calculation rules run according to predefined schedules on data from CRM tools, leaving no chance to err.

Complex Calculations, Made Super Easy

Calculations & cross-verification of sales commissions can be complex & time-consuming. Elevate provides a platform to set up & verify commissions plans so that you don’t have to repeat the ordeal every quarter.

  • Commissions Plans Management

    You can set as many plans as you’d like. Plans can be assigned to teams, individuals or the entire organization.

  • Flexible & Adaptable Plans

    Elevate supports various plans such as flat, percentage-based, tiered, ad-hoc bonuses or milestone-based commissions.

  • Event based compensation plans

    With Elevate, you can compensate your sales reps based on customer value metrics like demos, meetings, renevues, etc.

  • Backtesting & Simulations

    You can test plans on historical data or simulate future scenarios based on revenue projections.


One Dashboard To Rule Them All

Elevate provides a powerful dashboard to track, monitor & visualize revenues, commissions & deals. You can see granular as well as high level data & compare it across time periods.

  • Revenue, Commissions & Deals

    You can track & visualize revenues, commissions & deals across time periods & compare them.

  • Filter, Sort & Search

    You can filter, sort or search data at organization, team, individual or deal level to analyze it deeper.

  • Revenue Targets & quota attainments

    You can set revenue targets at individual, team or organization level and monitor quota attainment.

Cross-functional team Collaboration

Elevate allows you bring transparency in creating & managing policies related to sales commissions. Using Elevate, Finance & HR teams can effectively streamline commissions payroll workflows.

  • Accounts, Finance & HR

    Elevate is one-stop solution for bringing Admin, Finance & HR on the same page about commissions in real time.

  • Organization Chart & User Management

    You can design & manage complex organization charts & control team members' access to the dashboard.

  • Query Resolution

    Elevate provides tools to resolve commissions related queries on time, thus helps bringing transparency & building trust in sales team.

  • New Employee Onboarding

    Creating new commissions plan & new offer rollout become easier with Elevate, saving hours of work for HR teams.


Integrations with leading CRM tools

One-click Integrations with CRM tools not only allow setting up Elevate quickly but also sync data in real time.

  • One-click connect with CRM Tools

    Elevate supports one-click integration with leading CRM tools like Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Hubspot, Freshsales, Pipedrive, etc.

  • Real time data sync

    Deals data from CRM tools get updated in real time, making commissions calculations accurate all the time.

  • Bulk import of deals

    Elevate also supports bulk import of deals in .csv or .xlsx format, reducing the need of adding data manually.

  • Data enrichment

    You can enrich data imported from CRM tools with custom fields of your choice.

Key Features

Elevate gives you a variety of features to build & scale an efficient sales organization.


Quota Attainment

You can view quota attainment at organization, team or individual level.



You can backtest your calculation rules on past data anytime.



You can simulate the future commissions with the rules you've set up.



Reward superior performance of your sales reps with easy-to-set accelerators.



Curb poor performance of your sales rep by timely communicating decelerator.



Clawback adjustments on Elevate provide transparency & avoid difficult conversations.

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