How to utilize CRM tools to the fullest?

First step towards elevating sales teams’ performance is to provide them the best CRM tools to log their work and effectively reach out potential customers, nurture and convert leads. There are many CRM tools available in the market and it becomes sometimes overwhelming to choose the best tool for your team.

Create a CRM strategy

The first step in utilizing your CRM is to create a strategy. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you measure success? Who needs access and what level of access do they need? These questions should be answered before any other steps are taken.

Define the roles within your organization that will use the tool

Who needs access to the data contained within your CRM system, and how much access do they need? This can vary from department to department or even individual user depending on their role in the company. For example, an outside sales team may only require basic contact information while someone who works with customer service issues would require more detailed information such as notes about past interactions with customers or specific product preferences for each customer account.

Determine which modules best fit your business processes

The next step is determining which modules best fit into your business processes so that you can start using them right away! Some common examples include: Sales — Leads, Opportunities, Accounts/Contacts Marketing — Campaigns, Contacts Service — Cases/Incidents Support — Knowledge Base

Set up security permissions

Once you have determined who has access to what data it’s time set up security permissions so that users cannot see data they don’t have permission too view (and vice versa).

Start using it!

Now comes the fun part…actually starting to use it! There are many ways this can be done but here are some ideas: Use email alerts for important events like when a new lead is created or when an opportunity status changes Use reports for analysis of key metrics like pipeline value by stage or average deal size by month Send out regular newsletters via email containing useful information such as top deals closed last quarter or most frequently asked questions

Make sure everyone knows how it works

It’s very easy for people not familiar with a particular software program (or even those who know it well) forget how something works if they haven’t used it recently. To avoid this make sure everyone gets trained on how everything works including all features and functionality available through each module

Keep track of training dates & records

Training isn’t just one-time thing; there should always be ongoing training sessions held regularly throughout the year so employees stay current on new features being added and updates made since initial implementation

Don’t let things get stale

If things aren’t being updated regularly then eventually people stop paying attention because nothing ever seems different anymore

Be consistent across departments

When implementing any type of change across multiple departments there must be consistency.

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