Why commissions & spreadsheets don't scale together

If you have heard of the infamous 'London Whale', you know how Excel can breach your trust. You learn how something as popular as spreadsheets can waste time, cost money ($ 6 billion in this case) and invite class-action lawsuits...

Vignesh Mallya · 16 October, 2021

What are SPIFF, and can they turbocharge your sales performance?

As a sales manager, you have to strategize for the coming sales year.

32% of a sales manager’s time goes into managing people. So, before the next sales cycle begins, you have to set quotas ...

Apoorv Singh · 7 June, 2021

Secret to setting a good sales quota in 2021

Let’s admit it - The sale quota is an uncomfortable topic few reps want to talk about. Only 46% of reps are reaching their quotas while 57% are expected to miss theirs. .

A sales quota is the deciding factor for your revenue. Without a quota, you can’t fix commissions. You can’t measure performances, be it qualitative or quantitative. ...

Apoorv Singh · 10 May, 2021

Sales Commission Glossary

Stop looking! The mother of all glossaries is here. .

What did you say? You know almost all of them? Unlikely. Yes, you know 73% of them. But what if you meet the other 27%? ...

Vignesh Mallya · 21 April, 2021

8 Sales Interview Questions to Identify Your Ideal Rep

Business success has a lot to do with the kind of talent that drives it.

But sales talent, in particular, is elusive. Top sales reps in the industry are either satisfied in their current roles or too expensive to hire ...

Apoorv Singh · 5 March, 2021

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